Device management on free-seating accounts

As a user of in addition to the device management of Yealink devices, you are now able to store these settings on your free-seating account. When you log in on a Yealink phone, your buttons and settings will automatically be activated. And when you log out, the settings of the connected phone account will [...]


Your privacy is a priority for us. Sometimes customers have privacy concerns related to our browser plugin. "In order to find phone numbers, do you need to see all my browsing activity?" We want to be very clear about this. All scanning of pages takes place in your own computer. No data is transmitted to [...]

Update mobile app iOS

We're currently testing an update of the mobile app in which the interface has been improved. In a single glance you can see if your phone is set to Do-not-Disturb. Are you missing any features or do you have a suggestion for an improvement? Let us know!